The home of shopping in the Marais

The « Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville » is a large well-known shop in the trendy and creative Marais area, in the heart of Paris. 

However, BHV has never used its fashionable location as a marketing tool. Despite the Marais being a cosmopolitan area, the shop was more suited to the less commonly found middle classes and even used the basement floor for DIY, which was of little interest to the Parisians and tourists. 

Under the new project, Royalties turned the brand into a meeting place for style and home with a simple strategy: to find the whole of the popular Marais within the BHV.

By adding  “/Marais” to its name, we developed an identity applied across all contact points where the “/” became the shop’s logo and could be used at the start of slogans or descriptions. The codes, the shop fronts and the signage were all reviewed, and we created a font for all public communications. 


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