The casual wear of Rosa Luxembourg

In 2011, C&A, a German clothing brand that is available worldwide, wanted to find the common denominator within its images, which tend to vary according to the country they are implemented in. For the elaboration of this brand platform, Royalties had to explore, choose and finalise the new identity strategy of C&A, through the writing of a booklet. This exploration led to a brand that enriches its clients by allowing each of them to access the best in fashion, for a reasonable price, and to bring out their own qualities. C&A is a brand that provides the best tools, yet also the best instructions; it’s an endlessly useful brand and, with them, you are not scared to make a mistake.

c&a brand book6-01
c&a brand book6-02
c&a brand book6-03
c&a brand book6-04
c&a brand book6-05
c&a brand book6-06
c&a brand book6-07
c&a brand book6-08
c&a brand book6-09
c&a brand book6-10
c&a brand book6-11
c&a brand book6-12
c&a brand book6-13

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