Changing for the future

China Renaissance is the leading financial institution in developing the new Chinese economy. Over the last 10 years, the company has been met with major success in the Chinese market, therefore initiating their international expansion. To begin this new stage in its development, China Renaissance decided to rebrand in order to renew its visual identity.

Royalties’ mission was to carry out the renewal of the brand. The pride of China Renaissance's origins and its international ambitions were the two main values taken into account to balance its new visual identity.

We capitalised on the strong heritage of the brand by shaping the brand’s name into a fountain. A symbol representing brand position, the concept of connection and a source of vitality.A new territory of visual expression was developed around the idea of communicating the brand’s new digital, modern and international image.

Royalties also developed comprehensive solutions for the group's sub-brand, Huajing Securities, maintaining a strong sense of belonging but with a different visual identity.


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